Many people do not like their jobs. They think they are stuck in a routine that they cannot escape every day. What makes this worse is when some people stop doing something, they are passionate about. “Passion dies a slow death,” as what exclaimed by many. For some, they are living their dreams – doing things and at the same time earning from them. Take a look at some artists that paint and craft, the Photographers, the writers who write, and others. They make a living on something they think they do best.  

 But what if you do both? What if you get stuck in a routine of a corporate world on weekdays and at the same time earn from the hobbies that you do on weekends? Sounds ideal, right? But this is possible.  

The following are the hobbies that you can make money on: 


Although there is no shortage when it comes to photographers, many are still able to make money out of it. What makes photography interesting and more extraordinary than others is that it gives you the opportunity to enjoy different sceneries, and travel to different places where you will be introduced to different cultures, people, languages, etc. Photography makes you grow character-wise.  

 For starters, you may begin with your friends and neighbors who would e willing to pay you for some quality shots. It could be a portrait of kids, maternity, engagement, professional headshots, or sports. Once you get a few clients, you can start advertising on social media and create a website to expand your clientele.  

 Graphic Designing 

This is another demand for clients and is an ideal hobby for those who love to create designs but are not experts in coding. When you want to make it as a side-line, you can start by creating a portfolio that shows off what you can do through samples and clients’ comments (if you have begun collecting few clients). Again, you can start with friends and request them to recommend you. Many clients do not have a budget for a higher professional agency that could request you for small projects. Take the; this is where your career can begin. 


If you like to write, there are many ways to make money on this online. Take, for instance, freelance writing. Freelance writing has become one of the common demands online, and many writers take this opportunity.  

 There are tons of blogs that pay for content, and because businesses are now “socially” mandated to have a website, they need writers to provide content on their websites and blogs for different purposes especially on marketing their products and services.  

 Of course, freelance blogging is one of the many possibilities to make money through writing. You can also write stories and novels online that you could sell to readers. 


There are a lot of hobbies you can make money on; in fact, all hobbies can be a means of living as long as you put your heart and skills to your craft. So, figure out what you do best, start developing your skills, gain clients, and advertise your skills. Yes, passion can also be a career!