Are you planning to update the paint color of your bathroom or kitchen? Well, before you proceed with your painting project, you should properly clean the walls first.

However, is there a right way to clean the walls properly? Of course, there is. Today, we are going to share it with you.

Though it might appear like a chore, cleaning is a vital step. The reason for this is that paint properly adheres to clean walls. This improves the durability of the paint. Oftentimes, the right way to prepare a surface for painting will vary on the surface’s condition.

Usually, exterior surfaces are more durable and can handle the pressure washer’s force. On the other hand, stucco, wood paneling, drywall, and other interior materials have to be handled a bit gentler.

Before you hire painters Reno NV, here are a couple of tips when cleaning the walls:

Tools Required

  • Power Washer for Exterior Walls and Siding
  • Chemical Cleaner or TSP (Trisodium Phosphate)
  • Bleach Solution for Mildew (1-part bleach and 3-part water)
  • Sponge and warm water with detergent
  • Sponge and warm water without detergent

Exterior Preparation

There are two methods to clean the surface if you are painting your home’s exterior siding. Using a power washer to spray down the whole wall is the first method. It is also the least labor-intensive. The pressure washer does a great job of getting rid of mildew, dirt, and any other grime. However, if it isn’t properly used, it can damage the siding or miss some small details.

Scrubbing by hand is the second method. If you use this method, you’ve got to use the TSP solution to guarantee that the wall is spotless. This is a much cheaper method compared to buying or renting a pressure washer. However, it is labor and time-intensive.

Sanding for a Smooth Finish

Sanding uneven or rough spots is vital if you are working on an old surface that has chipping paint. To smooth out any irregularities or bumps, you can use a sanding block and fine grain sandpaper. You can then use a rag to wipe down dust. If the surface is smooth, the paint will stick better.

A Chemical Clean

It is ideal to thoroughly wash the walls with something stronger if chemicals, particles, and other materials impact your drywall’s integrity during a major renovation. You can utilize a commercial cleaner to ensure every single area is deep cleaned. One great example of this is Trisodium Phosphate. TSP gets rid of soot, scuffs, grime, dirt, and other types of soiling. This method is a little more expensive. However, it will offer you an extremely spotless surface.

Give it a Good Scrub

On a lot of occasions, a sponge and warm water are all you need to prepare your wall for painting. All you have to do is to scrub the surface wall and ensure you clean the nooks and corners as well. To get rid of smears and scuffs, you can add a grease-cutting detergent to the water. After you scrub the walls, wipe clean using a damp towel.